Play Therapy Online

Tips for Telehealth

We are here to serve the most vulnerable among us. While we are "sheltering in place" during the pandemic, we are 100% online using Telehealth and 100% committed to your family.

We understand that a LOT is changing quickly for children and families as we all work from home, and school has been suspended for the time being. We urge you to have grace for yourself and your children during this extraordinary time of change.

The following is a list to consider in order to have a productive and engaging session via telehealth with one of our outstanding child and family therapists:

Before your first session...

  • Inform your child that their video session is going to take the place instead of their usual in office session.
  • Have a conversation with your child about rules / boundaries for technology use during the appointment. We want to help you feel successful during the time we are spending with you and your child(ren).
  • Mutually decide on a location within the house where they can have their session. Be sure they feel safe, secure, and have privacy in this location. Please do what you can to prevent sibling interruptions.
  • Determine what device your kiddo will be using. We suggest a laptop or tablet so that we can see more of your child and their space. Your child may need help getting the screen set up so that they can be visible to the therapist.
  • Look out for an email or secure message from your child's therapist with requests for supplies to use during the session. These might include items like pens, pencils, paper, some of the child's toys, etc.

During their session...

  • Make sure they know when their session will start. Many kids do best when they know their schedule.
  • During the first session, your therapist will meet with you and your child at the start of the session. Your therapist will establish a way to get in touch with you during the session should any technical issues occur or if your child is in need of some tighter boundaries to create a therapeutic space.
  • Please be relatively available during the session so that your therapist can check in if support is needed and at the end of the session to discuss how you can reinforce strategies in between appointments.

We cannot wait to see your kiddos online and miss seeing them in person at the office! We will see you soon!