Investment Options

Understanding every option we provide for investing in yourself


Therapy is an invaluable investment that can benefit you for a lifetime. Mental health and wellness should not be treated any differently than physical healthcare and some may argue it is even more important. At the very least, mind, body and soul should be treated with the same respect to guarantee a good quality of life.

We are in network with:

  • Medcost (limited clinicians)
  • Carolina Behavioral Health Alliance (coverage for all Wake Forest Baptist employees)
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield (except Medicare, Value or Local)
  • Aetna (limited clinicians)

We are out-of-network with other plans at this time. Our standard fees for 1-hour counseling sessions are $180 for an Initial Assessment session and $165 for subsequent sessions. We are happy to provide a "SuperBill" for clients who would like to see us but for whom we are out-of-network; these clients are welcome to file their own insurance for reimbursement.

If utilizing insurance it is the clients' responsibility to obtain benefit information and to know what your plan will cover. In the event that your insurance company rejects a claim or does not pay in full for all services rendered, you are responsible for payment in full. You are responsible for non-covered services, deductibles, and co-payments. You are responsible for notifying your therapist if your insurance coverage changes. Your portion of payment, including any outstanding balance, is expected at the time of service.

We reserve the right to negotiate fees and to set up payment plans in certain circumstances at our discretion.

We accept cash, check, and major credit cards as well as most Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) and Health Savings Accounts (HSAs).



Once your appointment is made, you have committed yourself to that time and space to grow and heal. We have also committed to that time and space to help you in that journey. Cancellations are accepted without charge up to 48 hours in advance. Cancellations after that time/date will be charged the full fee.

Unlike a physician in a large medical practice, we cannot fill an hour-long space of time with very short notice nor can we prepare for our session appropriately if you won't be attending. If there is a medical or other emergency, we understand. Life happens. We try to offer grace and would like it to be offered in return. However, if you have three rescheduled, late canceled or no show sessions, then you will be removed from our schedule until we can discuss how we can best serve you. It's ok - life happens. But we often have a wait list and don't want to disappoint others who have been patiently waiting for a spot to open.